Recent Works



23 Oct 2016

‘The Great URL Stone’ has been included in the group show 'Corridor I: Onkalo’ at the project space Insitu in Berlin. The work is an investigation on the longevity of media carriers, juxtaposing carved marble against the .jpeg file stored on Wikipedia. (at insitu)

12 Sep 2016

Fragment of installation at Pechersky gallery, Moscow. Many thanks to Alexander Letcius for helping out. (at Pechersky Gallery)

08 Aug 2016

‘The New Color’ is featured in the Insight & Foresight exhibition catalog. The show took place in Moscow’s Garage Museum (at Vienna, Austria)

31 Jul 2016

My Poster ‘This Space Is Not for Rent’ as an advertising billboard in Salon de Provence, France as a part of campaign and Itinéraire Bis festival (at Salon-de-Provence)

27 Jul 2016

(at Salon-de-Provence)

22 Jul 2016

My poster on advertising board in Salon de Provence, France. The text in captcha writing style, developed to distinguish between human and machine says: “Human Values are the foundation for any viable life within society” (at Salon-de-Provence)

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